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Are you being harassed?

Civil Action against Harassment

Have you been threatened or has an individual been continually abusive towards you?

If you think you have been subjected to this unreasonable behaviour, you may be able to bring a claim against the individual for harassment.

Harassment is both a civil and criminal offence. A person should not conduct themselves in a way which they know or ought to know amounts to harassment. Legally, there is no finite definition of harassment, perhaps deliberately so given the multitudes of behaviour that could amount to unreasonable conduct.  The courts must judge, in light of the social conditions of the day, what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

At CSK, we deal can assist by obtaining civil injunctions and damages for unlawful harassment.  Unlike the criminal offence, which required two specific incidents of harassment, there only has to be one specific incident, together with a reasonable anticipation of further occurrences, to bring a claim against that person or organisation.  Plus, a claim can be brought even where the person has been found not guilty in a criminal trial.

If a court finds that the Defendant has harassed you, then damages are usually awarded together with an injunction.

For more information regarding the civil tort of harassment and what CSK Legal can do for you; please contact us.

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