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Insolvency Litigation

We have an experienced team of solicitors who specialise in all aspects relating to financial issues and can assist if you or your business is facing and dealing a situation in which you, or the business, may become insolvent.  Alternatively, we can assist if you wish to commence a formal insolvency process.

We regularly advise and represent Insolvency Practitioners, companies, directors and individuals in all aspects of business and personal insolvency.   This includes regularly representing clients in the High Court and County Court and we have, therefore, a rare perspective of being able to represent our clients from both sides of the fence.  This area of law is highly technical, and full of traps for the unwary.  Every matter is different and with many years of experience in this specialist area of law we are able to provide cost effective clear, concise, straight talking advice.

We can advise on the preservation and realisation of assets either for companies or individuals.  We can help you explore debt restructuring options and informal arrangements with creditors.  If the worst is unavoidable, we can guide businesses or individuals through the appropriate insolvency procedures.

We can advise and assist on all issues which arise both prior to, during and after insolvency.  An overall strategic approach to the insolvency life-cycle is essential from an asset protection perspective.

We work closely with our debt recovery team who can assist in recovering debts in a cost efficient and effective manner.  We also work alongside specialist funders and qualified Insolvency Practitioners.

Corporate Insolvency

We have experience in dealing with all types of corporate insolvency.  These include such things as assisting to challenge a winding up petition, which is essential if the company is to avoid insolvency and being wound up by the Court.

The team has comprehensive experience in:

  • Administrations
  • Administrative Receiverships
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements
  • Company liquidation advice
  • Law of Property Act Receiverships
  • Advising creditors in recovering from insolvent companies
  • Serving and defending Statutory Demands
  • Issuing and defending winding up petitions
  • Defending preference and undervalue claims
  • Misfeasance of Directors/wrongful trading
  • Defending directors in Director Disqualification proceedings
  • Advising on Retention of Title issues
  • Obtaining Validation Orders


Personal Insolvency

We regularly advise on the full range of bankruptcy related matters, including:

  • Drafting, presenting and pursuing bankruptcy petitions
  • Opposing bankruptcy petitions
  • Serving Statutory Demands and making applications to set aside
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Interim Orders
  • Debt Relief Orders
  • Bankruptcy Annulments
  • Defending you from claims by a Trustee in Bankruptcy
  • Protecting the family home and your assets

If you require any further information or wish to discuss any particular concerns, please contact Sunil Abbi on +44 121 213 6346 or  by email to